You Should Wear Sweatpants Because Harvard Says So

WallStreet Journal 

In their first study, they asked shop assistants and pedestrians in Milan to rate what they thought of people who walked into luxury stores wearing gym clothes. The subjects also rated those who wore outfits typically considered more appropriate, like a dress and fur coat.

Pedestrians were more likely to think that a well-dressed individual was more likely to have the money to buy something in the store. Shop assistants thought the opposite. Those more familiar with the luxury retail environment were more likely to assume that a gym-clothes-wearing client was confident enough to not need to dress up more, and therefore more apt to be a celebrity making a purchase than someone wrapped in fur.

People who tend toward the offbeat themselves show extra fondness for freethinking behavior in others. Francesca Gino, an associate business administration professor at Harvard Business School and an author on the paper, decided to test the theory outside the lab as well. She wore red Converse sneakers to teach a one-day event on small business management education. Dr. Gino found that those who identified themselves on a questionnaire as having a higher need to be unique were more likely to give her higher ratings than those who didn’t.

“They inferred, ‘She’s so autonomous, she must do whatever she wants,’ ” Ms. Bellezza says.

I don’t know guys Chuck told me to wear a groutfit and I’m just not sure about it. Well guess what now Harvard wants some of the sweatpants game but they just are a little far behind me in the groutfit game. Once again I wear my groutfit to class because I don’t need your fancy jeans or nice coats to show off my social worth. Groutfits just mean your a guy/girl trying to be comfortable. Also, how about the fancy retail stores saying they thing people dressing in sweatpants are more wealthy. Definitely just going shopping in groutfits for now on Rick Rossin Kenny Powers Style.

Officially Addicted To This New Social Media App


So while sitting on the couch this weekend for about 48 hours watching college basketball at my friends Pete and Tony’s, I came across the app Erodr. Pete’s girlfriend Emily (who is a very nice lady) is a campus rep for this app. She keeps telling me I have to get on it and blog about it. So ya know I downloaded it, said I would give it a try and now I find myself hooked on in it. This isn’t me trying to get you to download it, this is me demanding you to get on the app store and start posting now. Here is a little video on how it works

^Need to go to Virginia Tech and meet this lady 

The best things about Erodr are:

- All your posts disappear after a certain amount of time

- It’s only for mobile so future employers/parents/coaches can’t look your posts up on google

- It’s only for college students, so you don’t have to listen to high school kids talk about how hard they go

- It shows the locations of your friends, so if you are into stalking this is your app

-You can dislike posts, which I will be doing on the regular

Honestly try it out. I didn’t just post this because someone told me to, I genuinely think it’s better than what we have now. 

Here is the link to download for the iPhone: Erodr

Here is the link to download for Android: Erodr



The Best Questions From Ask Me Anything

So I did a little Ask Me Anything today and got some pretty good questions. Here are what I thought were the best of the best.




Honestly, if I got laid off of this blog I feel like a lot more dudes would be trying to write blogs. Blog life= Pimp Life



The age old question boobs or butt? Well I’m different. 1.) Cute Face 2.) Boobs 3.) Butt



Either scenario would be extremely bad.



Could you imagine getting done with sex and just foghorning the whole apartment complex. Assert your dominance. Low key but not really low key letting people know your getting laid. 



Literally might be the stupidest question ever.



There is a video……



Like I hope this wasn’t a serious question. If it is try these two things 1.) courage and 2.) confidence 



No homo




Locking the ole doors tonight. 





but thanks to everyone who asked questions. Definitely going to utilize this a lot more. 



Clap Along If You Feel Like This Remix Is The Truth

Pharrell’s “Happy” is pretty much a perfect tune in regards to living up to it’s name. Happiness is just pouring out of this song. I stumbled upon this remix from a relatively unknown producer by the name of Robots With Raygunz. I find it to be to extremely refreshing and an intriguing remix to a seemingly untouchable song. The more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. Give it a listen and see if you’re feeling it.

Girls, You Can’t All Be Models

This has been bothering me for awhile. I go on Facebook just out of pure boredom because I’ve already checked my twitter feed about ten times. But between the Buzzfeed articles being shared and the elite daily articles that are somehow suppose to motivate me to become a millionaire, there is one thing that gets me going: Girls who have “modeling” picture albums. Official rant starting now: this doesn’t happen every once in awhile, this is a god damn epidemic of annoying pictures. And don’t try to be modest and say “oh I was helping out my friend who is trying to become a photographer”BS (i’m trying to swear less because apparently my mom reads the blog now and doesn’t approve of my foul mouth, so that’s a thing). It’s literally just a low-key cat fight on Facebook to see who can have the hottest pictures and it’s sad. I want your worst pictures up on Facebook. Don’t get all super attractive on me and then take even hotter pictures. That’s just teasing me and it’s not fair. 


Ps: I broke down and decided to get in the modeling game



Study Break: “Turn Down For What?” Official Music Video

Between midterms, jobs, and this absolutely magnificent Illinois weather, I’m guessing a lot of us could use a break. How about an outrageous music video for everyone’s favorite banger? You might be getting sick of this song by now, and that’s okay, but I promise this video is worth a view. Not much else to say here; just sit back, relax, and enjoy this gift from DJ Snake.